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The city of York is located on the northeastern side of England, close to the border to Scotland. A particularly historic city full of character, central York is divided by the large and scenic River Ouse, which meanders through the heart of York and offers riverside walks, boat trips and a number of waterfront bars.

York Orientation: Layout and Directions

York city centre is extremely well pedestrianised, with many paved streets and restricted access to cars. Overflowing with historical buildings and attractive shop fronts, central York can be somewhat confusing to walk around, with so much to see. However, York Minster dominates much of this area and provides a useful landmark to refer to. Many of the most popular shops in York are centred around the Shambles area, a particularly notable medieval street. Also nearby, King's Square and St. Helen's Square both stand in central York and contain a wealth of shopping opportunities.

Popular with tourists visiting York, the city walls surround much of the city centre and it is possible to actually walk along the top of these ancient walls, providing an interesting way to travel around this part of the city. For those looking for a lively nightlife in York, the Micklegate area is known for its high concentration of pubs and bars.

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